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2017-03-08 03:45:32 by omega17172

Well...I created 2 test..and....all...

1-Test rifle2->

2-Test walking->


2017-02-10 02:27:37 by omega17172

This 2 tests was created with sprites by DudingDarn and test with my sprite P250-Azimov

1.Test sword

2.Test rifle->This is a video where I create it.

3.Test pistol


Madness Doors

2016-12-29 09:13:50 by omega17172

Announce the opening of the Doors Madness.Well,I guess everyone was watching the Doors.And others...
Well, you understand.
1.The main character->Grant.
2.Hero goes from right to left.
3.Any topic.No porn and vulgar.
4.Most of the time 2-10(15)seconds.
5.Send in SWF format.
Time to create->the end of February to early April.

  1. omega17172(0-3)
  2. vladclown(1-3)
  3. GLaDOS55(0-3)
  4. GrabeL168(0-3)
  5. Daymariz(0-3)
  6. ICreeper(0-3)


2016-10-26 09:48:14 by omega17172

Here.Did a test using sprites Dudingdarn.



2016-10-05 13:26:17 by omega17172

Hello!My name omega17!And I'm a good animator!
I seriously looked at Madness Combat,and I thought...
(Why don't I become an animator?As Krinkels or Kelzad?Or as the others?)
Well,I decided!Sometimes it's not easy so to exhibit to the public...
And lastly.My cat sends you his meow meow :3